taking time off

i’m taking some time off- need to get away, all work and no play
i have to relax and clear my mind- must leave the job behind.
need to relax and lay out on the beach
have to find “some relief.”
fill my cooler with a six pack and some wine
and under the umbrella i’ll be fine.
i’ll walk along the shores of the beach and gaze upon the rising sun
and relax till the day is done.
breakfast and lunch will be brought out to me
it’s included in their fee.
a little scuba diving and some fishing too , these are the things i want to do
they say para -sailing is really fun , as you look down upon every one.
people waving at you as you climb higher into the sky
that is something i want to try , and when my feet are back on the ground
and the evening rolls around – a candle light dinner made for two
then love making the whole night through.
my other half was enjoying her day as she was pampered in so many ways
at the pool taking in the rays , then an early massage to relax her bones
something she never gets at home.
she had her hair done and a pedicure too- something that she wanted to do.
this was our first weekend getaway, but for a full week i’m coming back to stay.
(c) L . RAMS 072215


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