JESUS i come to you

Jesus I come to you with my heart in my hand
Jesus I come to you because you understand
My heart is crying and broken in two and
I don’t know just what to do.
The world is changing and mankind has lost
Its feelings of love.
All they think of is the love of money and what it could bring
And they don’t care about any other thing.
They have lost compassion for their fellow man
And greed and hunger is their plan.
slavery has existed since the beginning of time
And rapes of children you will find.
Innocent animals are being slaughtered every day , some for food and many for pay.
No longer can you tell who your enemy is for they are
In civilian disguise and hide in their lies.
Why is it that man wants to seek power and try to be like you
If they had your powers , they still wouldn’t know what to do !
They would have to go into the hearts of man -and seek the love and compassion that “they could never understand.”
JESUS I come to you
As I had done since my birth , for you are my GOD
And have given my life worth.
© L . RAMS 083015


finding the solution

The wars rage on – the search for the solutions are all gone

Hunger , poverty, slavery, and hate

Seems to be humanity s fate.

There are three things that can save this world


If we honor GOD before it’s too late.

He is the salvation that we seek , if we become humble and meek.

How much does it take to bend your knee and to pray

To a higher power during these dark and lonely hours.

He gave us life and a mind to choose , and everything

We’ve done has led us to lose.

So let us follow what his son had said

And follow the path that the apostles had tread.

Let him be our guiding light , and lead us on the path that’s right.

© L . RAMS 081615

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