eyes into depression

I stood in the darkness of the room with nothing
Around me except the gloom
Why am I going thru this ? Why am I in despair ?
Why can’t I find someone who cares !
They say depression is just a state of mind , and all
These thoughts should be left behind.
The problem can not be solved with a pat on the back
And “ go home it will fix itself “ – not when you’re
Going thru this living hell .
so many doubts that the mind can create , you didn’t
Question them then and now it’s too late.
Its now become a wall of questions and doubts
And you can’t figure out what it’s all about.

Many are in a state of denial and it may take them a while.
The symptoms come very slow and if you don’t read about
Them you’ll never know.
You may have mood changes or you may want to be alone
These are some signs that are shown.
It may have been people who criticized you and put you down
And made you feel like they don’t want you around.
It may have been a problem or something you didn’t understand
And no one was there to give a helping hand.
There are so many things that can cause depression
But we can’t let it become a lifelong obsession.
It’s not shameful to seek help – it’s shameful when we don’t.
© L . RAMS 092915


for my brothers

I lost both my brothers in December
On two holidays that I’ll always remember
On December 7th when they bombed Pearl Harbor
And on Christmas eve- and for them I still grieve.
They died one year apart and their loss is in my heart.

Every person leaves a memory with you – a smile , a laughter
A piece of clothing , a smell or even a joke or two
But that memory was made just for you.
I was truly blessed to have two brothers who were opposite
In so many ways , but they both left me something that
I’ll cherish every day.

Bill could act and sing , and Vinny had a musical ear for everything.
Each one left me words that will always be in my mind
When my older brother Bill told me “ I am so very proud of you “
And when Vinny called me up and said : “ I just called to tell
You I love you “ and then hung up.

There are memories that give us the greatest pleasures
And they are the memories that we must treasure.
Like I had written in my song called “ till the end of my days”
‘’ Death is just another door and I’ll open it to be with you once more “

I believe family and friends will meet once more
As we walk thru heavens doors.

If you haven’t heard my songs which is on you tube -itunes –
And many, many more
Click you tube and put in “ louis rams songs vol 1 “ and you will see all three songs.

GOD this prayer goes out to you

I say this prayer and I’m leaving it for you
Because you know what I’m going through
I don’t ask for money or for fame
Just for health so that I may see
How to raise my family.

With good health I could make a living
And handouts will not have to be given.
So many of us with death related sicknesses both young and old
And when we go to the doctor is when we’re told.

It is a burden which is hard to bare – then with the family
This news we must share.
How do you tell a loved one that you have a certain amount of time to live
When in your heart you have so much yet to give.

So dear GOD this prayer goes out to you
Let us see what you will do.
We know that not all of us can be saved , some of us must go to our graves.
Because you have a job for us to do , and it can’t be done
Till we’re with you.
© L . RAMS 090315

the devils lair

All you could see was the blood trickle down the devils sickle
As he laughs away at his new deaths today.
He knows there are many who will go astray
And with evil they love to play.

These are the ones who will lose their souls
Because in life they had no control.
Had they listened and looked around
GODS kingdom they would have found.

In the meantime the devil sits in his lair
Cause he knows he’ll get his share.
Some sins may look to be fun , but you’re under the devils gun.

He makes the world so enticing to where you want to explore
Never thinking that you’re opening up his door.
Although he may be a worthy opponent
GOD he could never defeat and will always be underneath GODS feet.
© L . RAMS 090215

leave it to GOD

When everything goes wrong and nothing goes right
And we no longer have the will to fight.
When hope is just a word , and your heart doesn’t
Want it to be heard.

When the bills are starting to pile , and you’ve
Been out of work for a while , and your health
Is taking its toll and you feel all alone.
When your friends are never there in your loneliness and despair.

This is when we must learn to cope and pray for guidance and hope. A simple prayer to GOD above to send down
His solutions and love.
Strange as it may sound I have found two -three key words
In my life. the father , the son , the holy ghost.
FAITH , HOPE , LOVE – both have been given to us from above.

So when you find yourself in despair , throw your problems
Up into the air cause stress will not take it away
So just kneel down and pray.
You’ve found your problems much too hard
Now its time to leave it to GOD.
© L . RAMS 090315

food for thought #2

i was blessed with the grace of GOD when he came into my heart

my life had turned around when i heard that spiritual sound

i have no more struggles and sweat, and now – life seems better yet.

help yourself and i will help you * that verse is so true

love GOD and then yourself , for in this world there is nothing else.

with all the words he had spoken , none of his promises have been broken.

prophets had told of his coming centuries before of the earthly disasters and the wars.

so many prophecies have come to pass and leads me to wonder.

how long will this earth last ? will mankind destroy what he has given ?

there is so much to make this life worth living.

another thought enters my mind .

women have less war like tendencies then men

and what they do is argue , scream , cuss , and talk about one another

we don’t see armies of women fighting other armies of women

they just scream and connive to get even with one another.

this is not to say that women are weak , on the contrary

they are very strong and will not turn it into a political issue.

( it is said : the meek shall inherit the earth —– take it for what its worth

more food for thoughts my friends – when will these thoughts ever end    ha – ha