food for thought #2

i was blessed with the grace of GOD when he came into my heart

my life had turned around when i heard that spiritual sound

i have no more struggles and sweat, and now – life seems better yet.

help yourself and i will help you * that verse is so true

love GOD and then yourself , for in this world there is nothing else.

with all the words he had spoken , none of his promises have been broken.

prophets had told of his coming centuries before of the earthly disasters and the wars.

so many prophecies have come to pass and leads me to wonder.

how long will this earth last ? will mankind destroy what he has given ?

there is so much to make this life worth living.

another thought enters my mind .

women have less war like tendencies then men

and what they do is argue , scream , cuss , and talk about one another

we don’t see armies of women fighting other armies of women

they just scream and connive to get even with one another.

this is not to say that women are weak , on the contrary

they are very strong and will not turn it into a political issue.

( it is said : the meek shall inherit the earth —– take it for what its worth

more food for thoughts my friends – when will these thoughts ever end    ha – ha


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