leave it to GOD

When everything goes wrong and nothing goes right
And we no longer have the will to fight.
When hope is just a word , and your heart doesn’t
Want it to be heard.

When the bills are starting to pile , and you’ve
Been out of work for a while , and your health
Is taking its toll and you feel all alone.
When your friends are never there in your loneliness and despair.

This is when we must learn to cope and pray for guidance and hope. A simple prayer to GOD above to send down
His solutions and love.
Strange as it may sound I have found two -three key words
In my life. the father , the son , the holy ghost.
FAITH , HOPE , LOVE – both have been given to us from above.

So when you find yourself in despair , throw your problems
Up into the air cause stress will not take it away
So just kneel down and pray.
You’ve found your problems much too hard
Now its time to leave it to GOD.
© L . RAMS 090315


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