GOD this prayer goes out to you

I say this prayer and I’m leaving it for you
Because you know what I’m going through
I don’t ask for money or for fame
Just for health so that I may see
How to raise my family.

With good health I could make a living
And handouts will not have to be given.
So many of us with death related sicknesses both young and old
And when we go to the doctor is when we’re told.

It is a burden which is hard to bare – then with the family
This news we must share.
How do you tell a loved one that you have a certain amount of time to live
When in your heart you have so much yet to give.

So dear GOD this prayer goes out to you
Let us see what you will do.
We know that not all of us can be saved , some of us must go to our graves.
Because you have a job for us to do , and it can’t be done
Till we’re with you.
© L . RAMS 090315


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