how much abuse

How much abuse does one take before it becomes much too late ?

What will it take to open up your eyes – when you’re

Hemorrhaging deep inside

When your insides no longer function , and it looks like

.A war zone of destruction;

When you cannot walk and the food must be on the table

Even if you’re not willing or able.

When he comes home from drinking all night

Starts to argue , fuss and fight.

Then wants sex when you’re still in pain , and to him it’s all a game.

When the booze has gotten to his head and he can’t perform in the bed

Then he says it’s because of you and you don’t know what to do

And his rage begins again and you wonder when will it end?

How much abuse ! How much abuse must you bare

When with a phone call the cops will be there.

There are abuse hot lines that you can use , to get out of

This relationship if you choose.

© L . RAMS 102715


unbroken spirit

They tried to break my spirit and put my life under their control

But they could not see : “my heart and my soul “.

They say when the spirit is broken you have no will left to fight

And your mind cannot determine what is wrong and what is right.

I am not a robot or a pawn in a game – you cannot move me

I will always be the same.

There are so many broken spirits that are finally seeing the light

Making their hearts and souls stronger – ready and willing to fight.

The cry of the “ unbroken spirit “ is spreading throughout the land

No more will you be able – to raise that abusive hand .

The police will be there at every beckoning call

To stop your abuse once and for all.

To all the abusers : “ men and women alike “

Get your selves ready for the “ unbroken spirits “ fight.

To all the broken spirits who think there’s no way out

If you don’t take the first step , you’ll never know

What life’s about.

Many will say : “ it’s easier said than done ‘

But if you don’t try the next step may be their gun.

The first slap or punch is always the first sign

Get out of it then – while you still have the time.

© L . RAMS 102715

stop the abuse

Abuse has gone on for so long- this is not where

Women and children belong.

They belong in an environment that’s safe and sound

And no abuse to be found , and not where they become

A battering ram from an abusers uncaring hand.

Abusers feel power when they’re in control , and will

Never leave the abused alone – because they think that it’s the norm

And they create their own abusive form.

Whether it’s verbal or physical it has to stop

So pick up the phone and call a cop.

Maybe in jail they’ll get the same treatment that they have given you

Just to know what you’ve gone through.

You was not brought into this world to be a punching bag

Or on the ground where they can stomp and clean their feet

And have them feel that it’s a treat.

Yet the worse may be sexual abuse by a relative who you had put your trust

to satisfy their wants and needs and on your innocence they did feed.

Once they see a family member will not fight , then with others

They think it’s all right.

If you don’t stop abuse dead in its tracks , then they’ll be no turning back.

(The one you save may be yourself or someone else )

© L . RAMS 102615

my LORD my GOD

LORD JESUS I put my faith in you in all that I try to do

Whatever is your will , I will see-cause you have certain plans for me.

The plans I want may not be your plans that I require

For you may have plans which will be much higher.

It may be just to have peace and happiness, and live my life without regret.

Many people who have wealth and fame , find peace and happiness hard to explain.- they have everything that money can buy

But their hearts are dead inside.

I may not have all that they posses , but my heart and mind are at rest.

If you struggle just for money and for fame

There is something inside that has to change.

It’s that we lose the values that we once held dear

And our family members all disappear.

Say his name and preach his word , for all our prayers he has heard.

© L . RAMS 102215

reunion in heaven

Heavens gates were opened wide as they waited for them to arrive
The wings were waiting fluffed up and ready as the line
Moved quick and steady.
When at the gate they did reach and waited for that heavenly speech
SAINT PETER there in all his glory telling everyone CHRIST S story/
That they are there because of him and their wings they did win.

Departed souls as far as the eyes could see all happy as can be.
Inside the gates was family – waiting for relatives patiently.
The greeting process is hard to describe as their lights blind your eyes.
It looks like millions of fireflies lighting up the entire sky
They say all the souls lit up – creating the brightness of the sun
And the color of the moon are the souls which will enter soon.
There‘s a reunion going on in the heavens above
Where friends and family are showing their love.

,No more tears , no more pains , mo more bigotry, cause we‘re all the same
All the heaven will rejoice when they hear the LORD S voice
So there is no need to shed a tear , for we are all under GODS care..
© L . RAMS 100515

call for freedom

Free at last- Free at last – thank GOD almighty we are free at last
we’ve fought for so long that we’ve become big and strong
We now have voices that can be heard in every field in our society
And that’s the way it was meant to be.
Now we must raise our voices once more so it can be heard from shore to shore.
There is still slavery going on where people are still being bought and sold
More for sexual purposes we are told.
We must raise our voices higher than ever before
So slavery will exist no more .
Women and girls are being raped in the middle east
And young girls being sold as brides – this is something they cannot hide.
They must raise their voices or create unrest to put their politicians to the test. – the voice of the people they cannot drown out
This is what your freedom is all about.
If they can not raise their voices because of fear or reprisals
Then we must create that “ shot that is heard around the world “
To protect every woman , boy or girl.
We are born with the right to be free and no one can take
That away from you and me.
People are being bought and sold on the black market every day
And as long as there is a demand – others will reach out with their greedy hands.
Let MARTIN LUTHER KING S words spread throughout every land
So that freedom they’ll understand .
© L . RAMS 100215.

a girls dream

When you think of love what comes to your mind ?
Feelings and emotions you’ve yet to find.
You search for that soul mate who will make your heart sing
And together you’ll do everything.
A walk in the park, a slow dance in the dark
The phone calls day and night to make sure everything is alright.
You find gifts galore waiting for you at your door.
Two dozen roses and a teddy bear treat all laying at your feet.
One who doesn’t have to be a macho man who can get sentimental
With you cause he understands .
At that time of month when you have your mood swings
And the feelings that it brings.
The one who wants to be with you day and night
Even when you argue , fuss and fight.
This is “ a girls dream “ of the man who’s yet to be seen.
© L . RAMS 100215

even after death

I know you’re up there looking down
Turning my life around.
I could almost see the smile on your face
As I move things from place to place.
You always said that there would come a time for change
And my life I would rearrange.
Well the time is now here and I’m doing the best that I can
But once in a while I may need a helping hand.
So come to me in my dreams at night and tell me
Everything will be alright.
That all my changes will fall in place and now I’ll be
With a smile on my face.

You have always been my inspiration , moving ahead without hesitation.
Once you set a goal in your mind there was nothing that
Could stop the hands of time.
I know GOD had different plans – where he could use your loving hands.
You had the Midas touch where every life you touched would turn
To gold , as their new life would unfold .
Although you have gone from my side – you have left your love behind.
© L . RAMS100215