a girls dream

When you think of love what comes to your mind ?
Feelings and emotions you’ve yet to find.
You search for that soul mate who will make your heart sing
And together you’ll do everything.
A walk in the park, a slow dance in the dark
The phone calls day and night to make sure everything is alright.
You find gifts galore waiting for you at your door.
Two dozen roses and a teddy bear treat all laying at your feet.
One who doesn’t have to be a macho man who can get sentimental
With you cause he understands .
At that time of month when you have your mood swings
And the feelings that it brings.
The one who wants to be with you day and night
Even when you argue , fuss and fight.
This is “ a girls dream “ of the man who’s yet to be seen.
© L . RAMS 100215


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