my LORD my GOD

LORD JESUS I put my faith in you in all that I try to do

Whatever is your will , I will see-cause you have certain plans for me.

The plans I want may not be your plans that I require

For you may have plans which will be much higher.

It may be just to have peace and happiness, and live my life without regret.

Many people who have wealth and fame , find peace and happiness hard to explain.- they have everything that money can buy

But their hearts are dead inside.

I may not have all that they posses , but my heart and mind are at rest.

If you struggle just for money and for fame

There is something inside that has to change.

It’s that we lose the values that we once held dear

And our family members all disappear.

Say his name and preach his word , for all our prayers he has heard.

© L . RAMS 102215


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