stop the abuse

Abuse has gone on for so long- this is not where

Women and children belong.

They belong in an environment that’s safe and sound

And no abuse to be found , and not where they become

A battering ram from an abusers uncaring hand.

Abusers feel power when they’re in control , and will

Never leave the abused alone – because they think that it’s the norm

And they create their own abusive form.

Whether it’s verbal or physical it has to stop

So pick up the phone and call a cop.

Maybe in jail they’ll get the same treatment that they have given you

Just to know what you’ve gone through.

You was not brought into this world to be a punching bag

Or on the ground where they can stomp and clean their feet

And have them feel that it’s a treat.

Yet the worse may be sexual abuse by a relative who you had put your trust

to satisfy their wants and needs and on your innocence they did feed.

Once they see a family member will not fight , then with others

They think it’s all right.

If you don’t stop abuse dead in its tracks , then they’ll be no turning back.

(The one you save may be yourself or someone else )

© L . RAMS 102615


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