unbroken spirit

They tried to break my spirit and put my life under their control

But they could not see : “my heart and my soul “.

They say when the spirit is broken you have no will left to fight

And your mind cannot determine what is wrong and what is right.

I am not a robot or a pawn in a game – you cannot move me

I will always be the same.

There are so many broken spirits that are finally seeing the light

Making their hearts and souls stronger – ready and willing to fight.

The cry of the “ unbroken spirit “ is spreading throughout the land

No more will you be able – to raise that abusive hand .

The police will be there at every beckoning call

To stop your abuse once and for all.

To all the abusers : “ men and women alike “

Get your selves ready for the “ unbroken spirits “ fight.

To all the broken spirits who think there’s no way out

If you don’t take the first step , you’ll never know

What life’s about.

Many will say : “ it’s easier said than done ‘

But if you don’t try the next step may be their gun.

The first slap or punch is always the first sign

Get out of it then – while you still have the time.

© L . RAMS 102715


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