how much abuse

How much abuse does one take before it becomes much too late ?

What will it take to open up your eyes – when you’re

Hemorrhaging deep inside

When your insides no longer function , and it looks like

.A war zone of destruction;

When you cannot walk and the food must be on the table

Even if you’re not willing or able.

When he comes home from drinking all night

Starts to argue , fuss and fight.

Then wants sex when you’re still in pain , and to him it’s all a game.

When the booze has gotten to his head and he can’t perform in the bed

Then he says it’s because of you and you don’t know what to do

And his rage begins again and you wonder when will it end?

How much abuse ! How much abuse must you bare

When with a phone call the cops will be there.

There are abuse hot lines that you can use , to get out of

This relationship if you choose.

© L . RAMS 102715


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