amber alerts

The cell phones start ringing loud as can be
‘ amber alert ’ for all to see.
A child may have been taken against its will
So keep your eyes open there’s a chance still
The predator can be caught if the public is aware
And with the police information we can share..
A description of the person or even the car
A license number is better by far.
A predator has no age or gender , but information
About them the police must surrender.
They must be a distance away from the schools
This is the law , this is the rule.
Whenever they move the police must become aware
And this information with the public they must share’
The child you help rescue will be grateful to you
And the smile on their face will tell you it’s true.
© L . RAMS 012716


was it an angel

She was one of the soldiers stationed in Iraq
She survived a roadside bomb attack.
When she looked to her left the driver was dead
With a piece of shrapnel lodged in his head.
She found herself being pulled from the wreckage
Before it could explode
When she was a safe distance she looked
And found herself all alone.
She recalls that the one that helped her saying:
“ it’s not your time – don’t worry you’ll be fine “
She said his arms were as strong as can be
As he pounded on the floor plate to set her foot free.
Before she passed out she turned and saw him walking down the road
He had a pair of wings – we was told.
Was it an angel ? Can it be ?
So she could return to her children and family !
© L . RAMS 012516

freedom is worth fighting for

We spilled our blood in foreign lands to get them to understand
That we had our own civil war cause freedom is worth fighting for
We do not want to be the guardians of the world and tell others what to do
But the rights of man is also up to you.
The American soldiers wear their uniforms proud and we don’t
Hide in civilian clothes in a crowd
putting bombs every where , taking innocent lives and trying
To create fear.
In every war since the beginning of time because of the uniform
The enemy was defined.
Do you wear civilian clothing because you are ashamed
then your leaders are the ones to blame
Do you think anyone will remember the names of the suicide bombers
From the truth nothing can be farther.
Search the libraries , go ahead just look
This is the reason freedom is worth fighting for
So tyranny can march out the door.
© L . RAMS 012216

i found my strength

It is so hard ti find someone who will truly love you
Yet you search your whole life through.
I found someone who is my salvation , my redemption and inspiration
He loves me for who I am and not what others want me to be.

He loves me for my strengths and weaknesses and helps me to see his light
And not to do what’s wrong , but what’s right.
No one can live alone with no one to talk to and share your thoughts with
But I am never alone and he will listen and not turn his back on me
So in reality – he has set me free.
I found strength once I heard all of his divine words written by
The apostle you see and passed down from them to me.
Who can he be ? Look at his followers and you will see !
© L . RAMS 011716

vessel of despair

Those chains are gone which held me down as I turn and look around
Where there are so many of us who are chained together
On this vessel of despair , and we can not allow it to take us there .

So free yourselves my sisters and brothers as one broken link can set you free and release the others from this chain To follow in CHRIST S name.
He takes us from darkness into the light to show his
beauties within our sight.

The forests , rivers , mountains and streams all of this to be seen
Get off the vessel of despair and follow the one that you know who cares.
© L . RAMS 011716

i hear his voice

I look at the miracles all around – I hear GOD S beautiful sound
The voices of the ones who were in hopelessness and despair
Singing so loudly , singing so clear
Praising the Lord up above for all his tender love .

Picking us up when we’re down and out
Isn’t that what his love is about ?
He gives us strength when we are weak and builds us up to our peak .

When I look up to the sky and see his face in all it s glory
Recalling all his stories , and feeling his presence all around
And hear his voice in every sound.

I then know that I’ve been blessed with each and every passing test
We all have our trials and tribulations , but not until
We feel all his sensations ., and it all depends on you if you
Keep the faith in all that you do.
© L RAMS 011716

brightest light

It is a light which is brighter than the sun in the sky
Brighter than the moon that shines at night
Brighter than all the stars in the skies , And it belongs to you and I .

It has the power to turn your life around and to make you smile once again
It can make you see possibilities that you’ve never seen before
And open up many a door.
It can move mountains and melt the coldest of hearts
And give them a brand new start.

Have you figured out what it can be ? It is GODS love naturally !
It burns in the hearts of all mankind and will be with us
Till the ends of time.
© L . RAMS 011716

i am

Those three nails that you see , is when they crucified me
The blood has dried but the nails are here
To show the world how much I cared.
The cross is made of wood and put into the ground
Where I stood preaching to a congregation of how
To achieve their salvation.

It is of sacred ground , yet no where can it be found.
The tomb where they laid me to rest is gone from
The sight of man , and with your faith you’ll understand.
The cross and nails you do not have to see
You just have to believe in me.

I am the truth , the realization and through me you’ll achieve salvation.
My words and deeds have been put in a book – all you have to do is look.
these words and deeds that were made by me is because of my father
Can’t you see.
I AM but my fathers son who came to save this world and every one.
© L . RAMS 011616