i am

Those three nails that you see , is when they crucified me
The blood has dried but the nails are here
To show the world how much I cared.
The cross is made of wood and put into the ground
Where I stood preaching to a congregation of how
To achieve their salvation.

It is of sacred ground , yet no where can it be found.
The tomb where they laid me to rest is gone from
The sight of man , and with your faith you’ll understand.
The cross and nails you do not have to see
You just have to believe in me.

I am the truth , the realization and through me you’ll achieve salvation.
My words and deeds have been put in a book – all you have to do is look.
these words and deeds that were made by me is because of my father
Can’t you see.
I AM but my fathers son who came to save this world and every one.
© L . RAMS 011616


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