bless the waters

Bless the waters that I need to set my heart and soul free
As you blessed the water which turned to wine
Bless this water and make it divine.
Bless the rains that come from the skies
Bless these waters with your hand divine.
Let us feel your cleansing as we stand in the rain
Releasing all our aches and pains.
GOD you are the only one that can lift us up out of this misery
And pain , and you are the only one that can keep us sane.
We was baptized with water at our birth , to take away
The mortal sins from this earth.
Oh how easy it is that we get swayed and follow the devils way
We may not become murderers , rapist , or thieves in the night
But the temptations become harder to fight.
Fighting the devil is hard to do and that’s no lie
But I don’t fear him cause you’re by my side.
You are our water !
© L . RAMS 021316