you know you’re old when ***

Now that you’re older and no longer sure what to do
Take a step back and look around , at all the beauties that you’ve found
Everyone had their own time era s that they recall
But they should know that you can’t have it all.

Do you recall when you was in your prime
And you felt you had a lot of time.
Well ! Your time didn’t last and now it’s become part of your past.

The beauties of youth , the beauties of life , even the beauties of sacrifice
When in your youth there was not a trace or wrinkle on your face.
Now more health problems start to come in
It’s a battle that you just can’t win

Weight gains, aches and pains , nothing ever stays the same
Age like everything has its pros and cons
And we have to see which outweighs the other.

Being at your age , you don’t have to work another
Fifty years to retire- and the retirement age is becoming much higher.

Yes ! You know you’re old when :
My words become true and you see what I’m going through.
Ha-ha welcome to my world !
© L . RAMS 032216


don’t be battered

I saw an old friend today , there was not much that she could say
Her clothes were torn and tattered , her face swollen and battered
Once active , vibrant and strong
Now in a relationship that she doesn’t belong.
Is it that she just doesn’t care ? Or is it that she just lives in fear !
How did you allow this to happen to you
When there is so many things that you can do.
Leave all your possessions if you must
And put your faith in Gods trust.
Throw to the wind your low self esteem , and look at what love has seen.
There is a man out there who sees the inner you
And knows just what he has to do
To win the love that you have inside , and never
Do anything to make you cry.
Don’t allow yourself to be battered any more
Turn and walk out that door.
© L . RAMS 032116

two thousand years later

I am over 2000 years old, and I am still honored today
People still call me as they kneel down to pray.
I have not changed in all that time
I can still cure the sick, the lame, the blind.
Faith can go a very long way, and I will listen when you pray.

When you think that the devils got a hold on you
I’ll be there, I know just what to do.
Everyone has a destiny that they must fulfill
It is in the masters book, it is GODS will.
Every life must touch another for us to be whole
It’s part of our destinies, and part of our goal.

We all have a cross that we must bear
But with my father I was able to share.
He gave me the strength that I needed most
I spread the words that he had given to me
And it has lasted thru this eternity.

I called out to my FATHER, before I took my last breath
And the skies above became black as can be
That was when I filled my destiny.
Thousands upon thousands have died in my name
Was their lives worth it, or was it in vain?
They was put here to spread the word
Words that on deaf ears were not heard.
For all did not believe that I died that day
But yet in my tomb, I did lay.

Now I leave this question to you: if I did not exist,
who would you turn to?

louis rams

the resurection

the resurection of JESUS has come into my life.
yet! what i see is different from what you might see.
he made the ultimate sacrifice for his GOD up above.

but while on this earth, he showed us his love.
look upon his face while on the cross
he was crying for humanity.

his arms outstretched to tell us the LORDS word
must be spread from one corner of the earth
to the other.
HIS feet nailed together to tell us
that we must unite as one.

the holes in his hands and feet
is the depth of his love for us.
HE showed us to believe in something
that we could not see.

that belief has come with our baptism.
and when i see CHRIST on the cross
my love deepens even more.

to see the sacrifice that he made for you and me
and through his love, he set us free.

as he was taken down from the cross
and put into the tomb.
GOD began to heal his wounds.

just as GOD took seven days to make the earth
he took three days to bring CHRIST back to us.
so we could see the love he has for you and me.

he showed the apostles and the people
who did’nt believe
that his son would live through eternity.

louis rams