the resurection

the resurection of JESUS has come into my life.
yet! what i see is different from what you might see.
he made the ultimate sacrifice for his GOD up above.

but while on this earth, he showed us his love.
look upon his face while on the cross
he was crying for humanity.

his arms outstretched to tell us the LORDS word
must be spread from one corner of the earth
to the other.
HIS feet nailed together to tell us
that we must unite as one.

the holes in his hands and feet
is the depth of his love for us.
HE showed us to believe in something
that we could not see.

that belief has come with our baptism.
and when i see CHRIST on the cross
my love deepens even more.

to see the sacrifice that he made for you and me
and through his love, he set us free.

as he was taken down from the cross
and put into the tomb.
GOD began to heal his wounds.

just as GOD took seven days to make the earth
he took three days to bring CHRIST back to us.
so we could see the love he has for you and me.

he showed the apostles and the people
who did’nt believe
that his son would live through eternity.

louis rams


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