two thousand years later

I am over 2000 years old, and I am still honored today
People still call me as they kneel down to pray.
I have not changed in all that time
I can still cure the sick, the lame, the blind.
Faith can go a very long way, and I will listen when you pray.

When you think that the devils got a hold on you
I’ll be there, I know just what to do.
Everyone has a destiny that they must fulfill
It is in the masters book, it is GODS will.
Every life must touch another for us to be whole
It’s part of our destinies, and part of our goal.

We all have a cross that we must bear
But with my father I was able to share.
He gave me the strength that I needed most
I spread the words that he had given to me
And it has lasted thru this eternity.

I called out to my FATHER, before I took my last breath
And the skies above became black as can be
That was when I filled my destiny.
Thousands upon thousands have died in my name
Was their lives worth it, or was it in vain?
They was put here to spread the word
Words that on deaf ears were not heard.
For all did not believe that I died that day
But yet in my tomb, I did lay.

Now I leave this question to you: if I did not exist,
who would you turn to?

louis rams


5 thoughts on “two thousand years later

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  2. This is an excellent poem of rhyme and reason and I congratulate the creator of these words. I understand the concept of this as it is written, yet, the sick is not all cured, the blind many cannot see, what have they done to not have their prayers answered, if “He” can still cure them. If God’s will is to help some and not others why are we not given the secret code to change destiny. Why must we have a cross to bear, I question why these things written by mere human men is taken at infinite truth. The question if this unseen God did not exist whom would “we” run too? We are a world of divided people about our faiths, I believe there is a Higher Power, and I hope to one day be able to ask many questions about what and why he/she chose for my destiny; the pain, the sorrow, the abuse, prayed, taught his word, I want answers. Thank you for allowing me to comment and add another voice to the age old question, is there really a God.


    • i think if we had answers to all our questions, then we would be classified as GODS
      and if we did’nt have doubts and questions then would life actually be worth living !
      life would then be boring and it would never be a learning experience.
      he may not have cured all the blind people or giving the mutes a voice to speak , but he increased
      their other instincts and made them more aware.
      look at all the words he has given you to communicate with others !

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      • Yes, you are right I have been given the ability to communicate with others; the source of that ability comes from life, experience, research and study.

        I certainly did not mean to offend the author of this piece, nor do they have to defend their choice of subject or word creation. I do believe those whom have felt pain or great discomfort in body or mind throughout their life would understand my reasons to question.

        Thank you for following my blog, I enjoy reading your post. E


  3. you do not offend when you speak your mind , it’s when you don’t
    speak your mind is when you offend yourself and that’s hard to live with.
    thank you for being you !


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