don’t be battered

I saw an old friend today , there was not much that she could say
Her clothes were torn and tattered , her face swollen and battered
Once active , vibrant and strong
Now in a relationship that she doesn’t belong.
Is it that she just doesn’t care ? Or is it that she just lives in fear !
How did you allow this to happen to you
When there is so many things that you can do.
Leave all your possessions if you must
And put your faith in Gods trust.
Throw to the wind your low self esteem , and look at what love has seen.
There is a man out there who sees the inner you
And knows just what he has to do
To win the love that you have inside , and never
Do anything to make you cry.
Don’t allow yourself to be battered any more
Turn and walk out that door.
© L . RAMS 032116


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