ask for his guidance

When things don’t seek to go my way
I get down on my knees and pray
Many times our minds are closed to the
Simplest tasks, and his guidance is all we ask.
There is no problem too small or too large
That he cannot undo – we just have to ask
And he will follow thru.

At times we question why a loved one gets sick
Or has to die. – maybe it’s because another angel
Is needed to fill a void up in the sky.
Eternal life is in Gods kingdom in heaven
Not here on earth.
This is just a temporary stop from our birth.

Most people know what I say is true
It all depends upon you.
Can you put your faith and belief in his hands
Just so that you could understand that he
Gives us many doors – ‘ when he closes that one door ‘
Doors close so you don’t go through aches and pains
Because your life may forever change.

ask for his guidance as I had done
for he is Gods only son.
(C) L. RAMS 040516


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