what is a daughter


What is a daughter to me ?

I’ll tell you in one word “ LIFE “

Without someone’s daughter there

Would be no man !

!Why is it so difficult to understand !

It wouldn’t matter if they are straight or gay

God made us different in so many ways

She can cook , clean, take care of a house

Of that we have no doubt.

She becomes your soul mate , a wife , a lover and

Like her there is no other.

Then she gets pregnant and brings, new life

Into this world – and it matters not if it’s a boy or girl.

A mothers love will become endless , and there are

Np boundaries to the extent that they will go ,to protect them

this I know !

She is life in every form and not one to be scorned

They can be the Moodiest creatures on this earth

Especially after giving birth.

No matter who s daughter she may be

Her love is shown naturally.

© L . RAMS 041016



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