first thousand years

A thousand years or more may pass

I don’t know how long our love will last

But I will love you till the last goodbye

As the tears roll from my eyes.

When your heart is full it can explode

This is something we’ve all been told.

Yet just like a balloon it can fly away

And this is the price that you must pay.

Hold on to love for as long as you live

For at each turn they’ll be more to give.

Love gives no guarantees or money back

And no contract in white or black.

It is like a merry-go-round , you get on it

And you hold on tight and pray that it doesn’t take to flight.

In marriage the first five years are always the toughest

But in love the first day is the roughest.

You are not sure if what you feel is really love

Or just a passing desire which has built up a fire.

Will that fire burn for the first thousand years ?

Or will love take away your fears ?

© L . RAMS 041516



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