i called out your name


You came to me when I called out your name

To take away my troubles and pain

There are many things in life that I can do

And when I can’t , I turn it over to you.

You give me strength when I am weak

You are the only one that I seek.

My destiny has already been laid out by you

And you know what I’ll be going through.

We all must have hard times and crosses to bare

And with others our problems we’ll share

Then the devil comes to my door , trying

To tempt me to sin once more

If I allow him to get his way , then in sin I will stay.

But I am in the hands of my Lord and he has

Opened many a door.

He has taken me to where I have to be

And set my heart and soul free.

Devil go back home to your fires and brimstone !

I called out your name and I feel your might

Cause you are with me day and night.

© L . RAMS 041616



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