daddy ! why am i so different


( special needs )

The father watched his daughter looking out the window

Feeling so glum , when she turned and asked him :

Daddy ! Why am I so different ?

Why can’t I jump and run and have some fun ?

I know I can’t run as fast or jump as high

But I’m willing to give it a try !

Her father looked at her and thought about what he was going to say

You see when God made mankind , everyone gave him thanks and praise

To God , but as time went by people started changing and giving

Less thanks and praise

So God decided that he would make special children who could remind

The world of what they are missing.

These special children saw more dreams than most other children.

A child would dream about riding a big white horse

While the special children could see a big white horse with wings

To take them any where in the world

Other kids dreamed about being kings and queens in far away lands

While special kids saw themselves as kings and queens

Helping others to follow their dreams.

Now the world has opened up their eyes and created “ special Olympics “

He called these children “ visionaries with special needs.

Yes my daughter ! You are different in so many ways

But the world needs you so they don’t go astray.

You see things that others will not , because you have a special gift

That others have not !

GOD gave me the four things I need in this life

Faith , hope , love , and YOU !

© L . RAMS 041816



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