devils seed

The devil planted many seeds , the most powerful is called greed

Men struggle to get their little fingers on that ball called wealth

It matters not who is hurt or what is felt.

Wealth is power , this we know

But these politicians have got to go.

They don’t care how it’s achieved

And the public they will bleed

They work with the banks who control the money

So they could live on milk and honey.

You apply for a mortgage and your application has been rejected

Because your credit score is too low , and you don’t

Have enough of a cash flow.

Yet they turn around and send you a notice that you

Are pre- approved for a high credit line

If you make your payments on time

Your credit line can be used to make purchases of any kind

But if you try to use it for closing costs

They say “ you’re out of your mind “

You pay your bills every month without fail

But if you’re late on your mortgage

They take away your house and want to put you in jail.

Once you’ve made your interest payments

The principal they care nothing about

Because they have others waiting when they throw you out

They use your money to give others a loan

Then at you they throw stones.

This is the devils seed at work , making us feel

Like a complete jerk.

© L . RAMS 042016



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