food line


All of life is just a food line , it’s been with us since the beginning of time

Animals kill other animals to stay alive , but humans are a different kind.

We say that we are a civilized society , but how can this be ?

When we sell our children into slavery , and using children

For our sexual desires and turning our backs to the power much higher.

We cheat , steal and tell lies and to us this is just fine.

Anything and everything is done for the almighty dollar

They think that riches will give them power.

You may create a new life style and the money may last for quite a while

But what happens when the money runs out and your material things

are being spread about/

When you find yourself where you began and no one to give a helping hand.

Your children are not around because you sold them into slavery

Which is where you should be.

Had you been the parents that GOD put you to be , you’d be fighting

This society.

We are the children s voices which must be heard and have the politicians hear our every word.

They are not part of the food line ,so open up your eyes and don’t be blind.

© L .RAMS 052916



we never know


We never know from day to day what disasters may come our way

If you have family members give thanks above that you have

People to love.

You may not see eye to eye but time heals wounds if you try

What a tired pair of eyes may not see , a fresh pair of eyes will

And with an open mind you’re better off still.

All of us are living day to day – but do we take time out just to pray?

Do we ever tale time out and stop , and give thanks for all we’ve got ?

A roof , food , clothing and so much more as we walk in our door.

Some may have . and some don’t , but my prayers I wish for both.

I see the homeless and I get to think , what brought them to this brink ?

Many tomes you’ll think the battle is so great that prayers come much too late.

Don’t give up , don’t be fooled – this is one of the devils tools.

If the devil sees you stumble and fall , he will think he’s won it all.

But GOD is there by your side . And no where can the devil hide.

Trust in him and you will see that everything works out perfectly.

© L .RAMS 052616


life s beautiful days

How beautiful it is to wake up after a restful night
To look out your window and see the sun shine bright
To hear the birds chirping in the trees and thru
Your window a soft gentle breeze.
You wash up , get dressed, and have something to eat
And face the challenges that you will meet.
You’ll see women putting their makeup in the car
With an eyebrow extended way too far.

Now the day will begin with all the frowns and the grins
People are not appreciating what GOD has given
And every day life is worth living.
Some men will be growling like bears
How they look – they don’t care.

The children seem to be enjoying the day
and most of all Playing outside and having a ball.
They go to the park , go to the pool
All of this after school.
They go to the YMCA that are around
And sing and dance to their familiar sounds.

this is how i look at the day, and i won’t ever change my way
(C) L.RAMS 052516

another homeless man


On the corner another homeless man looking for a helping hand

No one knows what I’ve gone thru , if it happened to me

It can happen to you.

I felt invincible and nothing can put me down

Now I find myself sleeping on the ground.

The sky is my roof and the ground is my bed

A pile of leaves to rest my head.

My clothes are torn and dirty as well as my feet

My stomach growling , hoping for something to eat.

I’ve forgotten what it is to be loved and have a family

And that’s the way my life used to be.

Not all the homeless are alcoholics as you may think

We are not all looking for a drink.

When you put down on a job application that you

Are living in a shelter , a red flag goes up – and

You’ll be having a drink in your coffee cup.

The only ones that will take a chance with you

Are the ones who know what you’re going through.

The ones that were given a chance to start a new life

Who now have a home and a wife.

Don’t judge us because of what you see

We once had a job, a family and possibly a degree.


© L , RAMS 052416


troubled world

we are living in a troubled world where compassion has faded away

And more greed has come into play.

We know greed has been around since the beginning of time

And everyone wants to taste the grapes of a good wine.

We have to climb on others backs to get out of the hole

But once we‘re out let’s take control.

We would all like to live a comfortable life , but only a small percentage will.

So we must tighten up our belts and pull the slack

From this point on there’s no turning back.

If you have your five senses then you are fine

The sixth sense will take some time

The seventh sense is compassion , hope , faith and love

This is stronger than all above.

We are judged not by what we have , but what we do

It all depends upon you.

© L . RAMS 051716


speak up America


Maybe I’m old and feeble and do not understand

What is wrong with my fellow man

Do we not all have our needs

So why stop someone from eating

Because of your greed.

We throw away millions of pounds of food every day

While children are hungry as they pray

We are giving money and food and weapons to

Countries around the world while part of that

Can be used to feed every American boy and girl

Charity should begin at home

So let other countries throw their stones/

Once we take care of our needs then other

Countries we can feed.

We gave Bin Laden weapons and showed him how to use them

And he turned them on us – so who the hell can we trust.

The middle east has nothing that we need

Except to line a politicians greed.

As citizens seeing this – we do tire

So under their butts let’s light a fire.

© L . RAMS 051716


spirit of christmas

All my life I have tried to keep the spirit pf Christmas alive
Yet many kids never get to see a present underneath their
Christmas tree.
In third world countries where food is scarce
People talk about Christmas from centuries past.
The stories may be different but the theme is the same
Of a man who was bearing gifts for the children on his list.
It may be villages and tribes unknown
But generosity is always shown.
A hand made drum for boys to beat
Even a small wooden doll is quite a treat.

Christmas is known by different names
But the thought is still the same.
The spirit of Christmas should be in the hearts of man
So it could spread throughout each land

I know the spirit of Christmas will never grow old
It is a story that will forever be told.
© L. RAMS 051416

when love dies


When love dies what do you do ?

Who is it that you run too.

Do you sit in a corner and cry

Is there someone to dry your eyes?

Does that person know what you’re really going thru

Or is it that they’re just trying to comfort you.

You think about what went wrong , when you

Thought that this love was strong.

How and where did this love go astray

And your mate had nothing to say.

Why wasn’t this brought up in conversation

To avoid this pain and devastation.

Is it that time takes its toll when no

Changes do unfold

When you are taken for granted and life

Becomes a daily routine and every step is already seen.

When love dies

It’s usually because the spice of life has faded away

And nothing left to do or to say.

Change your routine and do the unexpected “ wild thing”

And see if to the face a smile it will bring .

Just like the song – “wild things , it makes my heart sing “.

© L . RAMS 051316


trust in him


When your mind is full of thoughts and you feel

Down , lonely and depressed and your mind needs a rest.

When your heart is full of pain , and you know

You’re the one to blame , and friends and family

Have turned their backs because of your outbursts and attacks.

Then it’s time to kneel and pray and wash all

Your thoughts away.

A clear mind opens a clear heart and that my friend is the start.

Your problems may not be solved in one day

But the pressures have been washed away.

All GOD asks is to love and trust in him

And your battles he will win.

Many times you’ll think the battle is so great

That praying comes much too late.

Don’t give up , don’t be fooled , this is one of the devils tools.

If the devil sees you stumble and fall , he will think he won it all.

But GOD is there by your side and no where can the devil hide.

Trust in him and you will see that everything

Works out perfectly.

© L . RAMS 051316


he once stood tall (explici t)



He once stood tall ( explicit comedy )

In my young years I was full of stamina , full of pep

There wasn’t a girl that I couldn’t get.

With every girl it would stand at attention

So I had to keep it locked up in the house of detention ( jock strap )

Now he is old and his head hangs down

But in my shorts he still can be found.

When once before he was a prize

Now he’s shrunk to half his size

He can still march to the beat , if he stops looking at my feet.

Once he was a warrior who could push his way between two walls

Now I must hold him so he won’t fall.

Yet he tries to talk to me by picking up his head

But I know his words are dead.

Like a flower he has withered and died

And for him I do cry.

Once he used to travel thru the bush

To get into that nice warm tush.

OH ! The pains and memories of once long ago

When he stood up and put on a show.

Now he is old, feeble and weak

And will never get back to his peak.

It’s time to give him his last rites

For seventy three years he put up a fight.


The RACONTEUR in me has come in his glory

To give you another comical story.