life and death


Why is it that I feel like I’m losing my mind

Is it because I’m old and going blind ?

Or is it that when we age – life becomes a different stage.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s may set in , but I’ll just take it with a grin

I may not remember what I’ve done , but I’m not the only one.

It is hell when we age and we may have fits of rage

Just remember we’re going back to our childhood

To see if you’ll take care of us like you should.

Don’t put us in an old folks home just so you could be alone

Sickness knows no age , color , or gender – but to it you will surrender.

We may not be around much longer ,we fight but our bodies are weak

And death is much stronger.

Have you heard of anyone outliving death ?

Few may live to be 100 or more – then they will walk through that door.

Life and death are the companions of man and they walk hand in hand

© L . RAMS 050616



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