he once stood tall (explici t)



He once stood tall ( explicit comedy )

In my young years I was full of stamina , full of pep

There wasn’t a girl that I couldn’t get.

With every girl it would stand at attention

So I had to keep it locked up in the house of detention ( jock strap )

Now he is old and his head hangs down

But in my shorts he still can be found.

When once before he was a prize

Now he’s shrunk to half his size

He can still march to the beat , if he stops looking at my feet.

Once he was a warrior who could push his way between two walls

Now I must hold him so he won’t fall.

Yet he tries to talk to me by picking up his head

But I know his words are dead.

Like a flower he has withered and died

And for him I do cry.

Once he used to travel thru the bush

To get into that nice warm tush.

OH ! The pains and memories of once long ago

When he stood up and put on a show.

Now he is old, feeble and weak

And will never get back to his peak.

It’s time to give him his last rites

For seventy three years he put up a fight.


The RACONTEUR in me has come in his glory

To give you another comical story.



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