trust in him


When your mind is full of thoughts and you feel

Down , lonely and depressed and your mind needs a rest.

When your heart is full of pain , and you know

You’re the one to blame , and friends and family

Have turned their backs because of your outbursts and attacks.

Then it’s time to kneel and pray and wash all

Your thoughts away.

A clear mind opens a clear heart and that my friend is the start.

Your problems may not be solved in one day

But the pressures have been washed away.

All GOD asks is to love and trust in him

And your battles he will win.

Many times you’ll think the battle is so great

That praying comes much too late.

Don’t give up , don’t be fooled , this is one of the devils tools.

If the devil sees you stumble and fall , he will think he won it all.

But GOD is there by your side and no where can the devil hide.

Trust in him and you will see that everything

Works out perfectly.

© L . RAMS 051316



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