when love dies


When love dies what do you do ?

Who is it that you run too.

Do you sit in a corner and cry

Is there someone to dry your eyes?

Does that person know what you’re really going thru

Or is it that they’re just trying to comfort you.

You think about what went wrong , when you

Thought that this love was strong.

How and where did this love go astray

And your mate had nothing to say.

Why wasn’t this brought up in conversation

To avoid this pain and devastation.

Is it that time takes its toll when no

Changes do unfold

When you are taken for granted and life

Becomes a daily routine and every step is already seen.

When love dies

It’s usually because the spice of life has faded away

And nothing left to do or to say.

Change your routine and do the unexpected “ wild thing”

And see if to the face a smile it will bring .

Just like the song – “wild things , it makes my heart sing “.

© L . RAMS 051316



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