speak up America


Maybe I’m old and feeble and do not understand

What is wrong with my fellow man

Do we not all have our needs

So why stop someone from eating

Because of your greed.

We throw away millions of pounds of food every day

While children are hungry as they pray

We are giving money and food and weapons to

Countries around the world while part of that

Can be used to feed every American boy and girl

Charity should begin at home

So let other countries throw their stones/

Once we take care of our needs then other

Countries we can feed.

We gave Bin Laden weapons and showed him how to use them

And he turned them on us – so who the hell can we trust.

The middle east has nothing that we need

Except to line a politicians greed.

As citizens seeing this – we do tire

So under their butts let’s light a fire.

© L . RAMS 051716



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