another homeless man


On the corner another homeless man looking for a helping hand

No one knows what I’ve gone thru , if it happened to me

It can happen to you.

I felt invincible and nothing can put me down

Now I find myself sleeping on the ground.

The sky is my roof and the ground is my bed

A pile of leaves to rest my head.

My clothes are torn and dirty as well as my feet

My stomach growling , hoping for something to eat.

I’ve forgotten what it is to be loved and have a family

And that’s the way my life used to be.

Not all the homeless are alcoholics as you may think

We are not all looking for a drink.

When you put down on a job application that you

Are living in a shelter , a red flag goes up – and

You’ll be having a drink in your coffee cup.

The only ones that will take a chance with you

Are the ones who know what you’re going through.

The ones that were given a chance to start a new life

Who now have a home and a wife.

Don’t judge us because of what you see

We once had a job, a family and possibly a degree.


© L , RAMS 052416



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