life s beautiful days

How beautiful it is to wake up after a restful night
To look out your window and see the sun shine bright
To hear the birds chirping in the trees and thru
Your window a soft gentle breeze.
You wash up , get dressed, and have something to eat
And face the challenges that you will meet.
You’ll see women putting their makeup in the car
With an eyebrow extended way too far.

Now the day will begin with all the frowns and the grins
People are not appreciating what GOD has given
And every day life is worth living.
Some men will be growling like bears
How they look – they don’t care.

The children seem to be enjoying the day
and most of all Playing outside and having a ball.
They go to the park , go to the pool
All of this after school.
They go to the YMCA that are around
And sing and dance to their familiar sounds.

this is how i look at the day, and i won’t ever change my way
(C) L.RAMS 052516


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