we never know


We never know from day to day what disasters may come our way

If you have family members give thanks above that you have

People to love.

You may not see eye to eye but time heals wounds if you try

What a tired pair of eyes may not see , a fresh pair of eyes will

And with an open mind you’re better off still.

All of us are living day to day – but do we take time out just to pray?

Do we ever tale time out and stop , and give thanks for all we’ve got ?

A roof , food , clothing and so much more as we walk in our door.

Some may have . and some don’t , but my prayers I wish for both.

I see the homeless and I get to think , what brought them to this brink ?

Many tomes you’ll think the battle is so great that prayers come much too late.

Don’t give up , don’t be fooled – this is one of the devils tools.

If the devil sees you stumble and fall , he will think he’s won it all.

But GOD is there by your side . And no where can the devil hide.

Trust in him and you will see that everything works out perfectly.

© L .RAMS 052616



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