food line


All of life is just a food line , it’s been with us since the beginning of time

Animals kill other animals to stay alive , but humans are a different kind.

We say that we are a civilized society , but how can this be ?

When we sell our children into slavery , and using children

For our sexual desires and turning our backs to the power much higher.

We cheat , steal and tell lies and to us this is just fine.

Anything and everything is done for the almighty dollar

They think that riches will give them power.

You may create a new life style and the money may last for quite a while

But what happens when the money runs out and your material things

are being spread about/

When you find yourself where you began and no one to give a helping hand.

Your children are not around because you sold them into slavery

Which is where you should be.

Had you been the parents that GOD put you to be , you’d be fighting

This society.

We are the children s voices which must be heard and have the politicians hear our every word.

They are not part of the food line ,so open up your eyes and don’t be blind.

© L .RAMS 052916



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