youth vs. old age


Now the voices of youth start to scream

Because old age is finally seen.

You have nineteen years of youth

But from twenty on , it’s all gone.

You may get a few more years to get your college degree

Then it’s work and raising a family.

You’ll have more old years than you’ll have young

And you’ll work till your life on earth is done.

When you look at a older person , look at the way

It’s going to be , when the younger generation

Reaches puberty , and you are the old ones

That they see.

Your friends that you once knew in school

Are going through the same thing , but acting

Like a fool.

Thinking that they can relive the past

And that their youth will forever last.

You know that you are young at heart

But old age is tearing us apart so

Enjoy the time of ageing , there is so much

For you to learn and see , as we all try to age gracefully.

© L . RAMS 060116



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