the 3 nails


There are three nails buried deep in the ground

Three nails that must be found.

The three nails that crucified him , so he could

Take away mans mortal sins.

When the cross was taken down and put on the ground

The three nails was taken out of his hands and feet

And put in a coin holder made of cloth that the soldier would keep.

Deep in his heart he knew he was the Messiah

There could be none much higher.

He realized this when the sky turned black

And the look on others faces as they all ran back.

This would be the worlds judgment day.

As he fell to his knees and began to pray.

The nails were burning his hands as he decided to bury them

Deep in the ground , where they could not be found.


The thunder and lightning once again lit up the sky

And from the darkness a light shone down to where

He buried the nails deep inside the ground.

Some say the nails were buried where they took

His cross out from the ground

But who really knows – they’re yet to be found.

© L . RAMS 062016


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