last tear in life


Something I did not know , one last tear will always show

When they are on their dying bed , on that pillow

Where they rest their head -you will see the last earthly tear shed.

This is the tear of good bye as they go to the other side

This tear is for a world that has fallen out of grace

And the hardships that they must face.

The tear is also for the ones that are left behind

As they all join and cry.

The Hospice nurses see it all – as the last tear starts to fall.

Wish them a safe journey as they leave

Because there will be enough time for you to grieve.

Gather together all the good times that had passed

And the laughter and joys that will forever last.

There will always be a memory that will stay in our mind

And we’ll treasure it for all time.

The last tear in their life that you will see

Will be embedded in your memory.

© L , RAMS 062216



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