another soul

this is written in honor of my sister in law who I always called my second wife

she died this morning at 5:30 a.m. 6/24/16          IRIS  -RIP


Another soul has joined the angels up above

Someone we cherished , treasured and loved

Family members came down from the heavens

And gathered around her bed , but they did not

Gather around , because she was dead.

But because they was taking her to another world

Far beyond compare , and with her family

Their love she would share.

We will feel the hurt and the absence now that she is gone

But in our hearts her love will linger on.

The same way she took care of our spiritual needs

While here on this earth , she will continue to do so

Seeing us through our worth.

We will always see something to remind us that she’s around

Or hear a whisper , or a familiar sound.

For five years she held her own , to show us

That she was strong .

now we must do the same

And gain our strength in her name.

© L . RAMS JUNE 2016



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