negativity ! what do you do ?

I was never one to visualize before , now the visions
Are at the door.
I see possibilities that could exist , and the ones that I missed.
I see the doors opening wide just to let me look inside
The glamour , the glory , the struggles and strife
All that come within this life.
I have to believe in me before others can , so that when
It’s needed , they’ll give a helping hand.
With every dream there is someone there to lead you down the road
Because in this life you cannot do it alone.
No matter how good we may be, a novice we still will be.
With encouragement and reaffirmation of what you want to do
You can have your dreams come true.
stay away from negativity for it will pull you down
And your dreams will be shattered and left on the ground.
What happens when you live with the negativity and you can’t get away
Must we close our minds and not listen to what they have to say ?
Now the battles begin and you argue , fuss and fight
Then at times you say things you don’t mean to say
Or it just comes out the wrong way.
In a battery you need a positive and negative for it to work
But in an argument it is the negative forces , and it’s
Like trying to whip a team of dead horses.
Negativity ! What do you do ?
© L . RAMS 071216


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