how we grow

Many , many years ago when I was young and didn’t know
That at times life could be so cruel and there wasn’t any rules
Where you could be happy one second and hurt the next
And how life will put you to a test.
Where people around you seem friendly and caring
And their wisdom they don’t mind sharing.
Then you find hypocrisy and hate and will put you at hell s gate.
Where beauty and love was all I could see the way this world was
And how I wanted it to be.
Why is it so hard to love one another , for in GODS eyes
We are all sisters and brothers.
We find these people every where we may be
Who don’t give a damn about you or me.
Who say they’re your friends who will watch your back
And then sneak up and attack.
People who may want your job or the life you live
And yet they have nothing to give.
But we grow up and we begin to see the way our life just might be.
Do we want to be like them ? or do we want to be a true friend.
If we are brought up decent and right , then all this hatred we must fight
It’s not to say that the parents are bad , but the environment of where
They do grow and won’t listen no matter what they’re told.
How we grow no one can say , but let us look for a better way.
© L , RAMS 071516


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