her virginity

They made fun of her because of her virginity
And saving herself for her marriage is something
They could not see.
They would say : why save yourself for that day may never come
And you’ll never enjoy your life or have any fun !
She would respond :
My virginity is for mine to keep and to share it with another
Is what you seek , but my body is my temple
And only goodness will come in and not for someone’s pleasures
And not for me to sin.

What happens if you get pregnant long before your time
And that boy says : “ it’s not mine “.
You have to raise your child and your dreams are scattered in the wind
Just because you decided “ to give in “!

No thank you ! I’ll keep my virginity until my wedding day
Because when I wear the white – it’ll be the proper way !
© L . RAMS 072716


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