the losing of a child

I will always see the smile upon his / her face
And hear the laughter when I make a silly face
And feel the warmth of that tender embrace.
It is easy for people to say that “ we must let go “
But what’s in my heart they could never know.

For nine months I carried this child and felt it slowly grow
And move and kick , more than anyone could ever know.
Then the day came that he / she wanted to be free
And see the world and look at me.

To a mother it does not matter if you had it for an hour
A day , or a lifetime – because in your heart death has no time.
Let me grieve as all mothers will
Because in my heart I will love him / her still.

There are so many plans and visions in your mind
And it was taken from you before their time.
But GOD had a different plan for this child
So he / she stayed for only a little while.

As a baby they are with other Cherubs
Dancing and frolicking to the grooves.
And as an elder child they was needed as an angel up above
To watch over others with their tender love.

YES ! GOD does not ask “ not to grieve “
Or to forget the time spent , but you had a child
Which was heaven sent.

That child will be with you even if you’re young or old
For he / she will greet you at heavens gates
Because love never comes too late.


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