I saw black children and white children walking hand in hand
Into GODS promised land.
Then I saw children of every faith waiting at heavens gate.
All feelings from this earth was left behind of bigotry
And hate of every kind.
There was no jealousies, no murders, no wars
And slavery was left at earths door.
We created all these things here on earth
And many took power for all its worth.
Many had food, while others starved
Many were cheated, many were robbed
Many were talked about and put down by their fellow man
Which is something I could not understand.
There would be so much more to give if you only
“Live and let live ”
I know this is the way of life- it’s been this way since the beginning of man
But GOD gave us freedom of choice which we still don’t understand.
I believe he meant- do we accept GOD or do we let the devil in?
Well! We all still have the devil in us -but do we accept him and his ways
Or god? (still freedom of choice)
Will we be mourned when we die and will people watch over us and cry?
Or will they turn their backs and say – that it was time he /she was taken away.
Whether we are adults or children waiting at the gate
We chose GOD before it became too late
We redeemed ourselves we had a change of heart
And of the devils ways, we wanted no part
C© L.RAMS 081916c

louis rWord ams


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