my GODS song

He made this world and the universe in six days
And gave us his son to lead the way.
He gave us prophets to tell us of things to come
But it was ignored by most everyone.
He showed the outcomes of things to be
And the future as far as the eye could see.
He created the bible with so many stories
And showed his strength and his glories.
He told of Sampson who was not supposed to cut his hair
But was betrayed by a woman who didn’t care..
He was left blinded and weak , but his faith
Was at its peak.
He pushed the pillars with his hands and many of
The evils left this land.
There are many stories in the bible that people tell
Who knew of these things “ oh so well “.
But this is a story about GOD – and if you believe
Clap your hands and sing with me.
I write this song to GOD above for his tenderness and his love.
We write songs of love and drink , but he gives us
These words just to think.
Just imagine if all the believers were to hold hands
We would travel a thousand fold around the world.
But I know this will never be done
So I write this song to my only one.

GOD you are the father of all creation and speaking your
Name we feel your sensation.
We are brothers and sisters of every nation
Who have come together for our salvation.
Some people are well to do and others are poor
But we all come in through that same door.
GOD we love you , GOD we give you praise
And we are free when we call your name.
We are free when we call your name !
© L . RAMS 091916


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