through heavens doors

He crossed over to the other side , when God told him
It wasn’t his time.
He saw colors which on earth he had never seen before
And a peace and tranquility when he walked thru that door.
He told God that he wanted to stay , but God said no
And he was whisked away.
A doctors voice said I was gone and covered me with a white sheet
When I heard Gods voice say : your work on earth is not yet through
There are things yet that you must do , and when it’s time
I will tell you !
As the doctor was walking out – I came back to life
And the shock made him run from sight.
After I healed he came back to me and said :
Compassion and kindness is what people must see
Show it to a few and their hearts will fill , for this
Is your destiny and my will !
After seeing what I had saw I didn’t waste time anymore
I now help the homeless , the destitute and the hospice
Patients who are dying too.
My heart is full , my life is complete
Because other lives changed and God they will meet.
© L . RAMS 101316


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