the gift

He picked him up off the ground and turned
His life completely around.
He was an addict for so many years
Drugs and needles he did share.
He stole to keep his habit alive
He felt without it he would surely die.
An overdose with a friend , he felt for sure it was the end.
but God works in mysterious ways and saved his life on that day.
God showed him what his life would have been
If he stayed away from sin.
A good job , a home , a family too and all of this
Would have been for you.
A second chance he was being given to turn around
And make his life worth living.
He picked himself up off the ground
There was no urges to be found.
Just a clean and open mind , to the life he was leaving behind.
Family and friends were in total shock
As to the new life that he unlocked.

( miracles still happen big and small , so keep your faith
In God so you won’t fall )

© L . RAMS 101416


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