this is’nt me

I’ve been fighting about who I am all my life
Hiding behind a face that wasn’t nice.
Showing people what they wanted to see
But! The truth is – that isn’t me!

I’m a person who has feelings deep inside
Which I no longer want to hide.
You give me your love – and I’ll give you mine
And we’ll be together till the ends of time.

Let’s not hide who we are
We are much bigger by far.
You came into my life when I was down and out
And turned my life inside out.

You showed me that in this world you must be yourself
And with that we may need help
That is when you walked into my life
And opened my eyes to all there is to see
You had came and rescued me.

Let us walk this road hand in hand
Cause now I really understand.
Masks should be used only on occasions
That are required, not one that is desired.

You use A mask when you are in a Broadway play
Or on a special day, such as Halloween
Where that mask must be seen.
Now with you I’ll follow my dream.

louis rams :


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