womans flowing tears

( these are the thoughts of women when they thought
i could not hear them over the years. )

womens flowing tears
i want all the world to see all the feelings inside of me
feelings of love , disappointments and fears all of which create my tears
tears are our ” escape valves ” from the past and even now.
tears are like water faucets which can be controlled to release the pressure
built up inside- pressures which we try to hide.
tears that flow which only a woman may know.
we have a release valve unlike a man , and we can create
it at the drop of a hand.
we are women ” unique but not weak ” in many ways.
we can compete against the powers of man ,
something which they don’t understand.
they may see us like a fragile delicate flower as a rose
but we have thorns which can prick you at any time, if you cross the line.
men and nations have been destroyed for the love of a woman
the history books tell many stories of our ” infamous glories ”
so when you think you have the upper hand, it’s because you’ve been scamed. (C) L . RAMS 070615


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