he pulled me up

I saw myself drowning in a world of sin and hate
I saw myself drowning and started to lose my faith
I looked up to the heavens and prayed to God above
To not let me weaken and lose my faith and love.
We have become so busy just trying to survive
That we begin to believe other peoples lies

Monetary issues are putting everyone down
It s affecting everyone , just turn and look around.
We need the higher power of the Lord up above
Who can reverse this with his guidance and his love.

We cannot expect it right away – for Rome wasn’t built in a day
And I know this to be true , for I have been waiting patiently
Just like you.
Yes ! He pulled me up and gave me strength I never knew
I had before , and one by one he opened up the doors.

I know I cannot give up for he is always there
And all my doubts and worries with him I will share.
© L . RAMS 102616


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